Welcome to MC-Pluto

MC Pluto was founded in 1982 in Randbøldal where the club still has its existence. From an early stage the state provited a clubhouse. An old house in the woods wich we have renovated from the bottom up.

The purpose of the club is to gather locale bikers for a friendly get together and of course to ride our bikes together. A great part of the summer season we ride to different rallies around the country.

Today the club is represented by many different types of people and just as many different types of bikes. Our average age is becoming a little high but we are lucky enough to get new and younger members that can keep the tradition of the club going.


1st of February 2020 at 1930 hours.
Live music: Wanted

Club night
We are at the club every Friday evening after 2000 hours where you’re welcome to stop by.

After much consideration, we have decided not to organize rally anymore.